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home 19

Home 19

basement forms

Basement forms are in place.

dedication ceremony

Dedication ceremony—nice turnout.





basement forms up close

Basement forms up close.

basement poured

Concrete poured, basement capped.

basement capped

Basement and cap from other side.

habitat members

A reading from Habitat Board members.

sweet treats

Sweet treats with a smile!


The basement is poured.

garage floor

The garage floor is in.

floor joists

The floor joists being installed.


Great volunteers working hard!

cutting floor joists

Cutting floor joists.

floor joists being laid

Floor joists being installed.


The subflooring is in.


Getting ready for...walls!

wall studs

Wall studs being erected.

wall studs

The "bones" of the home.

insulating the exterior walls

Insulating the experior walls.


Supplies kept dry in the garage! ;)

all the framing done

All the bones!

exterior insulation complete

Exterior insulation complete.

photo showing room framing

Can you see the rooms?

roof going on

Roof going on.

hard working board of directors

Hard working Habitat Board members!

another hard working volunteer

Another hard working volunteer.

Hard workers working hard.

Hard workers working hard.

Awesome crew!

Awesome crew!

Shingles being added.

Shingles being added.

Worker on the roof!

Squirrel worker on the roof!

Driveway is ready.

Driveway is ready.

Concrete landing done out back.

Concrete landing done out back.

Readying a basement wall frame.

Readying a basement wall frame.

Let's build another wall frame.

Let's build another one!

Basement shaping up nicely.

The basement is shaping up nicely.

Future owners left a thank message.

Future owners left a note for us.

More to Come as the Build Progresses!

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